from the sea
with passion

Our rule: the respect of natural resources.
We ensure the best environmental parameters not only to raise a healthy fish, but especially to respect our chosen home, the sea. Fish farm also plays the role of shelter for various fishes and marine species.


Our fish farm is based exclusively on the use of natural resources that live in the open sea, that keeps the fish strong and lean, in an unpolluted environment, and with a cycle of development and feeding very similar to that in which the wild fish would live.

The wellbeing of our catch, on which the quality of our offer depends, is our point of pride and essential cornerstone of our philosophy.

We control every stage of the production, from the choice of the juvenile fish, throughout its life cycle, and we plan a totally “antibiotic-free” protocol.


Our nets, which are not treated with antifouling, and our completely off-shore installations allow a sustainable aquaculture, in addition to the maintenance of the well-being of the fish fauna for a healthy and fresh product, for it is accessible in all periods of the year.