Only one purpose:
high quality

Food Safety is an essential prerequisite for Waterhouse for the marketing of fish products.


All Waterhouse’s products are subjected to thorough internal controls from our quality department as well as microbiological examinations and chemical and physical analysis in the company’s partner laboratories.

The operational tools for monitoring the process, with a view to safeguarding food safety, quality and sustainability, as well as compliance with all aspects of the legislation, include:


  • Weekly samples to evaluate the microbiological parameters identified by the CE Reg. 2073/2005 and 1441/07 and by the chemicals parameters identified by the CE Reg. 1881/06;
  • Execution of the related examination tests entrusted to external laboratories which operate according to the ISO17025:05 Regulation;
  • Constant monitoring of its own process through the appointed Quality Department;
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 22005 certifications;
  • GLOBAL G.A.P. certification, which matches the standard BRC and IFS for the whole production chain.

Waterhouse also pays particular attention to meeting the requirements of the CE Reg. 178/02 for food traceability, thanks to effective IT tools for internal and external management of production batches.

In addition, in order to protect Food Safety, Waterhouse intends to manage the allergen risk, in compliance with the Legislative Decree 114/2006, and to verify, where applicable, the shelf life of marketed products, also through the use of innovative software of predictive microbiology.

The training of staff in the areas of HygieneSanitisation and Traceability and the use of internal operating procedures is also a further fulfilment that Waterhouse periodically realizes to protect Food Safety.


Our fish farms follow a more responsible approach, especially through the use of protocols that comply with the principle of an antibiotic-free culture throughout the production process.

This management of the use of medicines has the ultimate aim of offering greater guarantees to the final consumer in relation to a more responsible approach to fish farm involving the whole sector.


Preserving the environment and minimising the impact of mariculture is an essential aspect on which we develop our entire supply chain.

The choice of the sites of the fish breeding is made with awareness and with precise attention so that the distance from settlements and industrial facility is guaranteed.

The company’s philosophy is based on the principles of sustainable development through a practical and efficient production, and a great environmental management system.

Regular, constant and careful checks enable us to ensure a balance between the environmental impact and the quality of our catch.